OOTD # 1

Happy Saturday everyone! Here are some pictures of my before and after make-up look. Also, I'm planning on uploading a hair & make-up tutorial on my YouTube channel, do you think I should go for it base on my work today? Please feel free to comment your ideas! BEFORE             … Continue reading OOTD # 1


*Read till the end* I've always wondered, as a child, why you were never like the other moms, why whenever I fall, you would make me feel ashamed instead of making me feel loved, I never understood why the story my friends' mom stories, are different with yours. It once came to a point I … Continue reading MAMA

Mothers & Meringues: 10 Steps to a Perfect Meringue

No gift for mom yet? Don't worry! Jen's got your back! Here's a last minute recipe to give to your mama for tomorrow's Mother's Day and any other day! A very simple and easy meringue recipe. I got this idea from Pinterest and the recipe from Bakers Royale : http://www.bakersroyale.com/easy-meringue-recipe/. But since I didn't have any … Continue reading Mothers & Meringues: 10 Steps to a Perfect Meringue