Road to 120: ENTRY # 2

Hey there lovely people! First of all, I would like to thank you all for still supporting me throughout the process of this goal of mine. I’m already on my third week and I myself couldn’t believe it!


Within these weeks, nothing much have changed with how much I weighed, and nothing is wrong with that. We all have to be patient to get what we want, and we have to work hard for it. My problem is that, I’ve been eating a lot because of stress from school, the food that I eat is what I burn when I work out so what happens is that, I don’t gain weight nor do I lose weight. But then again, there’s no problem with that.


You don’t have to rush yourself on getting healthy or fit, because the more that you rush and pressure yourself to get fit or healthy, the more you prolong the process of getting to your goal. But there’s no harm in challenging yourself as well, just make sure that when you do, you wouldn’t get stressed out cause not only would that make you eat more, but you could get discouraged when you fail that challenge.





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