Road to 120 : ENTRY # 1

| 6-15-2017 |

I know a lot of you out there wanted or still wants to become fit and healthy but of course, with different reasons.

Road to 120 will surely be one of the biggest change I’ll ever encounter in my life, but not only with the numbers nor the looks. I’ve read, heard, and watched how getting fit and healthy changed the lives of several people. Not only did they feel lighter, but their attitude, character, and discipline changed as well. And that is exactly my goal.. plus plus.

When I was younger, I’ve desperately to lose weight but for all the wrong reasons. It’s not bad to want it for you to get into the clothes that you want, or for your crush to like you, or for you to fit in, but it will be actually to do it for yourself, to prove something to yourself. Once you, yourself see the improvement you’ve made, others will start too, and they’ll never stop noticing it unless you stop too.

I’m Jennifer Ignacio, taking up BS-IHM-Culinary Arts, currently weighing 181.8 lbs. Β I know achieving my goal of 120 lbs wouldn’t be easy, but it’s better that way, we never appreciate something enough unless we had to work hard for it. So here I come 120!




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