I Fell in Love with TokYOU

Now, this might be a bit late, but while I was scrolling through my photos, I remembered the experiences I had while I was in Japan, so now, we are going on a time travel back to the time when I went to Tokyo with my family last April 9, 2017.

Before, whenever a person tells me that they fell in love with a place, I get confused like, how would you fall in love with a place? And then it was like Tokyo slapped it to my face and said, “this is how.”

Our trip to Tokyo was the best trip I’ve ever had in my ENTIRE life. Not because we stayed in a luxurious hotel or something like that, no, we stayed in small boutique(ish) hotel which is MyStay Hotel in Shinjuku, and our room was so tiny, me and my sister were having a hard time moving around all at once, I’m not complaining though, even though it was tiny, the room was clean and equipped with the things that is usually found in a huge hotel room like TVs, Fridge, they even had a couch on the side, and they got a bath tub LOL! Also, their staff were really kind and helpful!


We had a flight at around 7 or 8 so we left really early since you know, Manila and traffic seem to be really good friends, and we had to leave our car at Park n Fly since it was a holiday and it would be hard for us to rent a car, or find a cab.


We arrived in Japan around 1 pm and we were very pleased with the immigration and their other services since everything and everyone were so efficient. We had a service van that drove us to our hotel and then we already started our adventure!

Since we got there a bit late already, we decided to just take the train and go to Ginza where my parents brought us to this awesome restaurant they ate at before.  FOOD.BEER.FUN!


Next Stop! Tokyo SkyTree!

This tourist attraction in Tokyo was one of their latest..I think? They got an elevator that could bring you up to 350 m within a minute and when you get to the top, it will make you wanna stop! Plus they have this glass floor that was really a thrilling experience for me, and for the people who are afraid of heights!

Don’t be scared! Take a snapshot and hop off!

After this, we headed to Asakusa to have our lunch before having our tour around Asakusa temple and even though it was too crowded, the place was still amazing and cultural.

After Asakusa, we were brought to this place where it was full of cherry blossoms everywhere! It was a cherry blossom heaven and of course, what kind of person would let an opportunity pass by without taking tons of photos right?



Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine for us since it was a really gloomy and rainy day for this day. And because of this, I wasn’t able to take lots of pictures to the places we went to like Akihabara and Imperial Palace.

It was fine though since we were still able to eat great seafood products, I got to cross the famous Shibuya crossing, and I finally saw Hachiko. Three things in my bucket list were crossed that day and I couldn’t be happier!


Last Day..the day that I never wanted to come, not because of a bad itinerary but because it meant that the fun and perfection has come to an end. On the other hand, this day was perfect! The weather was perfect and everything else was perfect, I guess we really saved the best for the last!

First we went to this strawberry picking place, but instead of picking, you get to cut it and eat it right away! It was really fun and unique since they give you this container with sweet milk so you can choose whether to dip your strawberry in or not.

Afterwards, we traveled to get to a nice Mt Fuji photo spot. We were really lucky and blessed that day since our guide told us that it is really seldom for the sky to be clear for the tourist to see Mt. Fuji. And then went to a really yummy lunch experience before going up to Mt Fuji and take tons of photos..again.



We also went to this outlet store near Mt Fuji, and we had our last dinner at a sushi place!

Now do you guys know why and how I fell in love with Japan? And we’re only in Tokyo, what more if I go to other places in Japan? I almost cried leaving this wonderful place. Japan will make you feel like a local and a tourist all at once and there’s nothing wrong with that!

So that’s it for our Tokyo travel 2017 and I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you want to see more photos of our Tokyo adventure, check out my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/getlostwithjen/ and feel free to follow me as well! Also if you want to see some live or actual videos of this things happening and more, go to my YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnY4h3o2HIg&t=2s <- (Tokyo Vlog 2017!)

Now here’s my travel story, what’s yours?

(P.S. I already went here last 2015 but wasn’t really able to appreciate this and that. But now I do..so much!)


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