Shades & Sunnies

SUNGLASSES. What would happen to our eyes without them?

I personally la-la-love them and they’re one of my fave-est accessory in all accessories!

DSC01387 2

Not only do they protect our eyes, but they also act as a really great accessory whenever we’re out aaaand..according to an article, they tend to make us a bit more mysterious whenever we wear a pair of sunglasses.

DSC01386 2

Sunnies would be the number one brand I would always choose whenever buying a pair of sunglasses (or more). Their designs are all on fleek, from retro to modern, edgy to chic ,and a lot more! They’ve got it all! PLUS +++ TheyΒ also come in low-mid prices!

I got some of my glasses from H&M, Ray-Ban, and Owndays as well, and you should really check out these stores as well since they mightΒ also have your style! They’re a bit different with Sunnies when it comes to designs, and a bit more expensive, but they’re totally worth it!


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